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Warranty Info

The manufacturer will accept independent from the obligations of the vendor against the buyer, a warranty period of twenty-four (24) months from the date of purchase of the device. Please retain the packaging material or request its replacement from your respective representative in your individual country (please contact your local UNGUATOR® dealer)

•  Deficiencies that can be related to faults in the material or manufacturing defects will be repaired free of charge within the warranty period.

•  The respective representative in your individual country (please contact your UNGUATOR® dealer) must be informed of necessary warranty repairs.
    An estimated cost can be obtained for service repairs.

•  UNGUATOR® EMP's™ and UNGUATOR® Jars along with further UNGUATOR® line products are excluded from warranty.

•  The warranty claim will lapse should an unauthorized party have interfered with the device. Damages caused by improper use as well as force
    majeure or other external influences are excluded from any warranty claims.

•  The parts replaced at maintenance and repair will become property of the manufacturer (SMS Elab GMbH & Co. KG).

•  Claims beyond the free rectification of faults, e.g. indemnification cannot be made within the framework of warranty.

•  Repairs within the warranty period will be exclusively carried out by SMS Elap GmbH & Co. KG or specially authorized and
   particularly certified companies.